Mars AR Notebook
Item # 1001950
$ 24.99 each

  • ✔Expertly Crafted Notebook - Explore and learn about the the most spectacular landscape of the MARS through this expertly crafted notebook.
  • ✔Feel the Embossed Hard Cover Surface: Feel the embossed scar of Valles Marineris - one of the largest and longest canyon in the solar system with your fingertips.
  • ✔Acid Free Thick Papers - Each Pages are 80 GSM thick made from environmentally safe acid free papers. Includes 176 pages of blank and graph papers for note-taking, journaling and sketching.
  • ✔Easy to Carry with All Style Needs - Our Notebooks are small and light weight that fits comfortably in your pocket, backpack, and purse. Built with features like sturdy wire binding, black ribbon bookmark and back cover folder for extra storage.
  • ✔Paired with Augmented Reality App - Using the Augmented Reality App, explore and learn about the the Martian surface featuring craters, volcanoes, and canyons. Visit Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in the solar system and meet the Martian Rovers as they rove across the planet.