Apollo EECOM Signed by Sy Liebergot
Apollo EECOM Signed by Sy Liebergot
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EECOM is an acronym for electrical, environmental and communications systems. The Apollo EECOM flight controller was responsible for the life support systems for the Command and Service Modules. Sy Liebergot’s autobiography gives us an insight into working at Mission Control as a flight controller during the Apollo Project including the famed Apollo 13 flight. The book also includes a bonus cd-rom with audio from Apollo 13 and 15.

Seymour "Sy" Abraham Liebergot (born February 15, 1936 in Camden, New Jersey) is a retired NASA flight controller, serving during the Apollo program. Liebergot was an EECOM controller and was responsible for the electrical and environmental systems on board the Command Module. In 1970, he was part of the team that guided Apollo 13 back to Earth following the explosion which crippled the spacecraft.

He began his career in 1963 with North American Aviation after graduating from California State University, Los Angeles. In 1964, he came to NASA. Liebergot was a Deputy Flight Director on Apollo 4,[1] then an EECOM flight controller on Apollo 8–15. On Apollo 17, he served as CSSB SPAN (SPacecraft ANalysis room) Support.[2] He continued as a controller in the Skylab and ASTP missions.