Solar Scouts Rocket Set
Item # 40077
$ 39.99 each

Double your flying fun with this launch set! The Solar Scouts is a two rocket combo with superb high altitude performance.

At 16.5 inches in length, the Farside rocket delivers 1100 foot flights, but is easily recovered on its colorful 12 inch parachute. The second rocket included is one of our most high performing mini rockets. The 10.3 inch Sky Dart is pencil thin, but delivers space busting flights that make flying model rockets so much fun! Powered by our economical mini engines, the Sky Dart can easily reach altitudes of over 900. Recovery is by a bright orange streamer that can be seen easily after each exciting launch.

Estes Solar Scouts, great value and incredible high flying performance in a complete package.

LAUNCH SYSTEM includes Electron Beam Launch Controller and Porta-Pad II Launch Pad.