Fight For Space
Fight For Space
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“FIGHT FOR SPACE” is a documentary film that explains the economic and cultural benefits of human space exploration. This film additionally examines the historical political events that have led to the decline of NASA’s budget since 1968, and its struggle to return to the Moon and send humans to Mars. FIGHT FOR SPACE presents viewpoints from Astronauts, politicians and staff, scientists, former NASA officials, commercial space entrepreneurs, and many other individuals in the space community.

Why haven’t we gone back to the Moon in over 45 years? Why hasn’t NASA sent humans to Mars? What challenges have stopped us from achieving ambitious goals in space when technology is advancing so quickly on the ground? Through a series of interviews with top space industry experts, we answer these questions.

Today, with far less public interest in space exploration, NASA’s budget has been shrinking along with its ambitions in human spaceflight. The Space Launch System, scheduled to carry humans into space in 2018, is underfunded and lacks a clear goal. Fight for Space will examine future plans from NASA and other commercial endeavors.

The goal of this film is to present the arguments for and against, on why a robust and ambitious space program is good for the country and the world, by showing them the benefits that such a program would bring.

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